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SEEK. LEARN. evolveU.

Our Mission

evolveU is all about your personal evolution and creating safe spaces for you to identify your authentic self purpose and speak your truth!

The mission of evolveU is to help individuals overcome their obstacles in life and career by providing tools and a tailored roadmap to success.

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Our Mission
“Very few people consciously design their lives to prioritize exclusively important, deep, & meaningful activities."
- Benjamin P. Hardy 


Supportive Resources for others to expand their unique gifts & learn the lessons in their adversity.

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Book Clubs

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Book clubs hosted by amazingly talented and truly kind hearted people through remote connections. Providers of knowledge and truth seek to uplift those around them and uphold the communities values.


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Open houses and event providers can give insight into what is coming up for your future voyage. Allow others the chance they otherwise may not have the opportunity for by donating to support fellow humans. Everyone deserves to self-love, heal and grow.


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Seekers can join Transformational Life Coach, MaryAnn Bradley; Truth Seeker, Writer & Speaker Christal Dixon (and many other expert leaders) to embark on a life changing Voyage in the Safe Spaces

Donation Types

Monetary | Miles | Gift Cards | items | Time

If sending items or gift cards please send to PO Box 793 Bentonville AR 72712. Contact to send miles or to donate your time - we appreciate any way you can help. 

Our Promise

evolveU vows to be fearlessly & courageously:

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Meet The Founder

Christal Dixon

TRUTH Seeker, Writer & Speaker

Christal is a passionate advocate of lifelong learning and personal development. A truly spirited entrepreneur with diverse experience in both corporate and non profit America. After 20 years with successes as a gleaned as a business owner, marketing consultant, and Walmart buyer; Christal is dedicating her time and resources to support others in their pursuit of purpose and passion.

The initial stages of Christal's career were fueled by fear - stemming from a childhood without stability and overloaded with abandonment.  Christal's ability to thrive in high-intensity, wide-bandwidth environments, undeterred by uncertainty supported her determination to provide her 2 children with every opportunity life afforded. She continues her willingness to accept the most challenging roles and aide her community efforts toward remarkable results at the individual level.


Christal has a Bachelor’s Degree with an emphasis in Communication and minor in Psychology From John Brown University. When she landed in Bentonville, Arkansas in 2002, Christal was a young and determined new hire, creating items and purchase orders for the world’s largest retailer. She later experienced a layoff and received her Associate's Degree from NWACC in the same month she continued advancing her educational goals at JBU. There were many turns and stops along her path that aided in her personal business and life before graduating in 2021.

Now, Christal channels her career knowledge and life experience into events and programs like The Voya Spot and The Nourish Retreats for others success.

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have you been afforded the opportunity to be entirely focused on your: health, relationships, education,travel & Goals? 

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